Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accommodation opening hours?

The Accommodation Office hours are 9 to 5pm Monday to Friday, we close for lunch between 2-3pm. If there is no one in the office and you need them call the office number, 071-9129002 and we will get back asap. The office is closed Saturday and Sunday but a contact telephone number is available for emergency assistance out of hours.

Can I book from September to December only?

If you are only in college in Sligo for first semester due to work experience etc we may be able to offer accommodation for first term only. A limited number of rooms are available for half term. Please contact us to check availability.

How can I book a room at The Village Clarion?

You can apply and pay your deposit here on our website. Just click on the book page, alternatively fill our online booking form and send the payment by post or bank transfer. After completion of the online booking form you will receive an email with details of alternative payment methods if you have no credit card etc.

How are flat mates allocated?

If you have one friend you wish to share with, The Village Clarion Management will Endeavour but not guarantee to accommodate you provided this request is clearly shown on both application forms at the time of application. Otherwise a lottery system applies to the allocation of roommates.

What must I have before check-in?

1 Passport photo, signed tenancy agreement and the balance of accommodation paid.

I have only paid the 300 booking deposit, when is the balance due?

The balance is due before arrival or on check in or on arrival; please note cash Will Not be accepted.

Who are payments to be made payable to?

Payments should be made payable to Clarion Village Apartments.

What happens if I pay for accommodation and fail to be offered a place in IT Sligo?

In the case where a student fails to be offered a place at IT Sligo a €100 administration fee will be deducted and the balance refunded. You must cancel your reservation in writing only within 5 days of the first round of CAO offers. Cancellations for any other reasons will incur a €150 handling fee.
Telephone bookings or cancellations are not accepted.

When are the 2nd and subsequent payments due?

The 2nd payment is payable on or before 23rd November 2018, and the Final Payment is Due before 8th February 2019

Keys need to revalidated on receipt of each payment.

Can I have Friends staying over?

Occasionally yes, but not on a regular basis. All Guests must be registered in reception before arrival.

Are there apartment checks?

Yes, checks will be carried out every 4 weeks; only internal common areas of each apartment will be inspected.

Can I obtain the apartment number details before Check in?

No, the apartment details will be issued to you on arrival.

Is insurance for my belongings provided by The Village Clarion Management?

No, you must take out your own cover for your possessions. We recommend having the family household policy extended to cover the personal effects away from home.

Is there an internet connection in the apartments?

All bedrooms come with internet connection and study area. The internet facility is provided for you on the basis that it will not be abused, if illegal downloads, torrents etc are detected the service will be terminated.

Is there a Shop on site?

Yes, a new Shop opened in 2018 and serves all the needs of Students at keen prices.

Is there security on site?

Yes, and complex is CCTV protected.

What do I do with my rubbish?

Refuse bins are located between each block.

Can I park my car at The Village Clarion?

Yes, parking is available, we would ask that you let the office know of your car details for security, park only in designated spaces otherwise you may be clamped.

If we have a problem in our apartment what do we do?

Call directly to our office and our onsite maintenance team will rectify the matter as soon as we possibly can.

If I leave before the end of the academic year, what happens?

No refunds of rental will be made in the case of early departure.